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The real full title for the Club is ‘The Sheriff Hutton (over 60's) Luncheon Club'. That seems to be a serious long description but that is the title which Alan Farnaby used when he founded the ‘club' in October 1997. The first meeting was on the Tuesday 7 th October 1997 and has been held on Tuesdays in the Village Hall from the first Tuesday in October to the last Tuesday in April since then.

During the first year of operation there were an average number of 14 or 15 attendees per week. The menu was quite simple then:-

Week ‘1' :- chicken soup (with bread to dip in!), apple pie and custard with tea or coffee.

Week ‘2' :- tomato soup (with bread to dip in!), fruit pie or rice pudding with tea or coffee.

Week ‘3':- hot sausage rolls with peas or beans, gateau with tea or coffee and biscuits.

But news travels fast in Sheriff Hutton and the average grew to 25 in 1998. Although many changes have taken place with the catering for the Club the average number per week has remained much the same since then.

Apart from being the founder Alan sought (and succeeded) in getting grants from various sources in order to improve the menus by being able to have meals provided by local businesses or public houses. This arrangement worked well for some years but times change and the Luncheon Club is now maintained by local lady volunteers who buy, arrange and cook the meals. They meet on a regular basis to decide on menus and who obtains the various ingredients. Most organisations need agendas and minutes to even do anything similar to the Luncheon Club, but it works very well without that complication! It is because of the willingness to work in that way that the Club more or less has no profit or loss problem – income and expenses are virtually identical.

New residents to the village are welcome to become ‘members'

Obviously the quality of the meal is important – but there is more to it than that. The meeting and the discussions which take place on some village activities are also important. Some of it may not be printable in the Village News – you need to join the Luncheon Club to find out why.

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