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Times change' is a common expression for the local history of all villages. This is one sport that has changed a great deal for the better within Sheriff Hutton since it was started by the popular and well known Albert Towse in 1978. He inaugurated the Club in 19 and the first games were held in the Village Hall. However the Village Hall you see today was somewhat different to the ‘original'. That was a wooden building almost facing The Highwayman Inn on the site where Moat House now exists. A badminton court in that building was some deal smaller than standard in both length and width. That, for those who were far from beginners, was a problem. But a more difficult problem was not only the height of the roof but the rafters which supported it and the large fluorescent lights in-between. Albert changed the rules to match the building. If the shuttle cleared, and found a way through the rafters that was legal. If a rafter was hit the shot had to be returned ‘to sender'. There were many times when the shuttles had all come to rest on the light fittings – the game was stopped to get a ladder to recover them!

It is not like that now in the new Village Hall (not really new – it was built in 1984) But the height of the main hall, where badminton is now played, is almost too high for the shuttle to reach and the layout of the court is to ‘standard'. .The picture shows the layout of the court and the height of the ceiling – no rafters and no lights to interfere with the game.
The Club meets on Mondays at 7-30 pm until 10-30 pm all year except for some days at Christmas and the ‘holiday' months of June, July and August.
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