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Parish Council Meeting Dates


January                   Friday 13th January 2017           7.30pm

February                  Friday 10th February 2017          7.30pm

March                       Friday 10th March 2017              7.30pm

April                          Friday 14th April 2017                   7.30pm

May                          Friday 12th May 2017                   7.00pm 

This meeting will begin with the Annual Parish Meeting @ 7.00pm, followed by the Annual Meeting of the Council and the normal monthly meeting @ 7.30pm.

June                          Friday 9th June 2017               7.30pm

July                          Friday 14th July 2017                7.30pm

August                    Friday 11th August 2017            7.30pm

September             Friday 8th September 2017        7.30pm

October                   Friday 13th October 2017           7.30pm

November              Friday 10th November 2017       7.30pm

December              Friday 8th December 2017           7.30pm

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