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Audited Accounts 2014/15

The review of the Annual Return for Sheriff Hutton Parish Council is complete for the year ending 31st March 2015.

Please find below links to sections of the approved Annual Return:-

Notice of Conclusion of Audit

Section 1 - Annual Governance Statement

Secton 2 - Annual Accounting Statement

Section 3 - External Auditor Certificate & Report

Transparency Code for Smaller Councils (Transparency Requirements) England Regulations

All smaller authorities with an annual turnover of below than £25,000 are now subject to the requirements of the transparency code.

Please find below the required information for Sheriff Hutton Parish Council for the year ending 31st March 2015:-

Items of Expenditure over £100

Bank Reconciliation

Explanation of Variance

Annual Internal Audit Report (Section 4 of the Annual Return)

Asset Register

A list of Parish Councillors and their contact details can be found under the 'About' tab for the Parish Council.

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