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This Group was founded in 1985 with the it's main aim to ensure that the Glebe area became a valuable village asset to be maintained because it contained so many historic features. The story that follows explains how this was done.

The Glebe is at the very West end of the village and on the southern side of the parish church. It has, like most of the features in Sheriff Huttton, a long and interesting history. It contains a motte and bailey fort which is believed could pre-date the Norman Conquest in 1066. It also contains a number of other features some of which have been investigated and others which, it is hoped, will also be checked in order to understand its history in more detail. What has been done, and gives some indication as to the detailed history, can be found in ‘Within the Pale'. This was published in 2005 and deals basically with the Park Pale but also contains much detailed information about other historic features within and just outside it.

Living accommodation for the Vicar was built along the north side of the Glebe in a very large house in 1850 and the Glebe was used for the resident to keep is horse and other domestic livestock. In spite of its historic interest the Glebe was provisionally, in 1985, planned to be sold by the Church Of England with the purchaser seeking planning permission to build a number of houses on the flat area at the West end of the Glebe. However the area is far from flat and it is fairly obvious that there are other features, apart from the motte and bailey, which would be worth preserving to make detailed investigations of this interesting area. It obviously contains many interesting features and has been the hub of the local community in former centuries

It was decided by residents living close to the Glebe to raise the funds to purchase it from various sources. Some of the money was raised locally but most of the funding came from national organisations such as:

The Countryside Commission
Yorkshire Wildlife Trust
English Heritage
Trust House Forte
Nature Conservancy Council
Sheriff Hutton Parish Council
Ness Gardens ( Cheshire )
Village Charities
North Yorkshire County Council
Yorkshire Rural Community Council
Schering Agriculture
Yorkshire Wildlife Trust
Shell Royal Society for Nature Conservation

and of course the residents of Sheriff Huttton

With the assistance from all the above organisations the Glebe was obtained in April 1986 and Trustees were appointed to conserve and maintain the area to benefit the village in perpetuity. It has proved to be an important area for field studies and an educational resource for school children and other organisations.

Apart from the above the help of local farmers keeps the Glebe in excellant condition by doing a grass cutting and bailing (to be used as cattle feed) and later, with the grass re-grown, sheep visit to reduce it before the winter. The timings of both these is set so that wildflowers etc are not damaged.

The map below gives you a view of items which are of interest within the Glebe.
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